How Guitars Are Made

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ever wonder how that beautiful guitar you strum was made?  Take a look a the two short vids below to see how an electric guitar is made, from start to finish!

Rock on!

Know of any cool guitar resources? Post them in a comment below!

Good Riddance Time of Your Life Video Song Lessons

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday has always been one of my favorite songs, so naturally I wanted to learn to play it when I got into playing guitar. Unfortunately I'm not the best at looking at a tab and listening to a song repeatedly and just figuring out the strumming pattern. So, if you're like me, and would like to learn to play this song, I have included links to two separate lessons for the same song. Have a look, and have fun playing.
The following video has 3 songs. Good Riddance is the third song played, so you can fast forward to it, or watch the whole thing.

Have fun!


I'd like to start off by giving you a quick tour of our basic guitar resources. If you'll look to the right of our page you'll see two link lists: One of them is "Free Guitar Resources", and the other one is "NON-Free guitar resources," I hope the title is pretty explanatory. To start off with the "Free Guitar Resources" list, I'd like to give you a quick description of the main sites I have listed there at this point (from this point on any new links will be added to the list and in a post describing the site being linked to).

Free Guitar Resources:

Virtual Guitar Chords: This is an awesome little site where every chord known (unless it's one you made up) is listed. Wait for the chord book to load, and when it's finished play around with it by clicking on a chord on the right hand side of the guitar. You can select the root (top right) ex. C, D, F... and then the type (bottom right) ex. maj, min, maj9, sus2, etc... Once you've done that, the guitar on the left shows you the fingering (tab) for the chord selected. Now here's the really cool part: Turn your speakers up and hit "strum" on the bottom of the guitar, and it lets you hear exactly what the chord should sound like when played correctly. This site also has features that include creating and saving your own chords.

Online Guitar Tuner
: Turn the volume up on your speakers and play around with this neat device to tune your guitar. I didn't have an actual guitar tuner for the longest time and this is how I tuned it. Granted it takes some skill to listen to the tone being played when you click on the switch for each string, and then tune your guitar to that sound, but it works really well, and should only take about five minutes to get your guitar tuned to it.

(TABS) Ultimate Guitar: Any time in this list that you see (TABS) in front of the link, it indicates that this is a site where you will find great, and accurate guitar tabs for free. On the main page to Ultimate Guitar, you can search out a song you want the TAB to by typing in the name in the search bar, and then selecting to search by "artist," or "song."

(TABS) Christian Guitar Resource: For a Christian guitarist, this is a great site. It has many features, but the feature I use it most often for is the Tab Archive (second blue tab to the right).

(TABS) Christian Total Tabs
: While you must have an account to use this site, accounts are free, secure, and easy to register for. This is another great site for searching out "Christian music" only without getting results for non-Christian songs. It is a little harder to navigate because text is small, but still a nice site.

(Lessons) YouTube Guitar Lessons
: Any time you see (Lessons) in front of a link, it indicates a site that offers either written or video lessons, often times both. This site is a link to a playlist I created on YouTube where I will constantly be adding new videos of song/strumming/picking/specialized guitar lessons. Always check back for more. (A player of these videos is also located at the bottom of this page).

(Lessons) Dolphin Street
: This is a site I stumbled across by accident. The video lessons here are not as detailed, but still worthy of taking a look at. Scroll down the page to find the lessons I have linked you to.

(Lessons) Justin Guitar: While not the most professional looking of sites, Justin maintains a healthy flow of guitar lessons through linking to videos he has uploaded to YouTube. He often includes chords, and tabs to the songs he teaches. I have often found him helpful for learning specific songs. Scroll down the page to get the lessons I have linked you to. Click on Video (red) and tab (red) if available next to the song you want to hear. Beware, he has an accent and can sometimes be hard to understand, but is not too bad.

Non-Free Guitar Resources:

(Lessons) Next Level Guitar
: For a while Next Level Guitar was free, but alas, they grew too big to remain free of profit. If you are willing to pay the fee to gain membership to this site, I highly recommend it for all levels of guitar players. This site offers top-quality video lessons, written lessons, chord lessons, strumming lessons, and so much more. Friendly people and good quality make this one of my top choices for learning guitar. They also offer DVD lessons you can order packed full of lessons on how to play certain songs and on how to play guitar in general.

Well, that's all for now. From here on out whenever I link to a new site you'll see a brand new post for it. If anybody has any comments, I'd love to hear them.


Guitar Lessons on YouTube

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